Posted by: Kennedy | September 4, 2009

Herzliche Willkommen nach Berlin!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to an insider tour of my life in Berlin for the next eleven months! While the past week has been a whirlwind of getting settled with my wonderful host family and my new Euro-centric classes in the Humboldt University, formerly in East Berlin (plus a few other adventures- like a modern dance class at a German studio and a visit to the Okapis at the Berliner Zoo), you haven’t missed too much yet! I’ll simply give you a brief overview of the year now, and leave the more exciting stories for my next post. Until December, I am participating in a highly structured German study abroad program directed by Duke University. There are nineteen students from Duke, Davidson College (where I am a senior), and Swarthmore College. I live with a German host family in southwest Berlin, near the Wannsee district, for full immersion, but I also have German class for an hour and a half four days a week.  I am also taking European Union Economics and a course on “Umweltpolitik” (environmental policy). Next semester, I hope to fill the first couple months of the new year with a legal internship in a German law office, and I will enroll directly in classes at the Freie Univerität in Berlin for the “summer semester,” approximately February to July. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

Herzlichen Grüssen,




  1. The Zoo is my favorite place in Berlin! You should definitely visit more than just the Okapis there. At least that’s what I’d do. unfortunately I’m not taht often in the city, but whenever I can, I visit Knut, Bao Bao and all the other famous animals at the Berlin Zoo.

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