Posted by: Kennedy | September 4, 2009

Rathaüser, Banken, und ein Mango

It’s official! Having “anmeld-ed,” as one says in Denglish, I now live in Berlin. What I really mean is that I got up at 7 this morning, to be at Rathaus Zehlendorf (a nearby city hall) to register with the city and the police. This is standard procedure in Germany if you move anywhere, but I can’t help feeling a bit like Big Brother is watching.

I also went to the Deutsche Bank and set up a bank account- entirely in German, I might add! That said, the account won’t actually be active till I get my debit card in the mail next week and we will find out then if anything got lost in translation. If I wind up with a Swahili name or a secret Swiss bank account number, I’ll let you know!

On the way home with S1 to Nikolassee, there was a lovely farmer’s market in my Schloss (castle)-like S-Bahn station, so I let the salesman pick out a mango for me. I’m pretty sure I over-paid for it, but September has brought fall to Berlin, so who knows how much longer one can eat good mangoes for lunch?

PS If anyone is confused about why you’re getting two separate posts in one day, it’s because I accidentally posted them to the wrong place, so you’re just getting the first one late : )



  1. Nice entry, Kennedy, I’m jealous, esp. of the Anmelde business. And the mango. And all the way out to Nikolassee. Really? That’s some serious quality time on the S1, best spent with good books in tow. Enjoy. B

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