Posted by: trierbound | September 6, 2009


Hello all,
My name is Devon, and I will be studying as an undergraduate in Trier with my three-year-old daughter. I hope this blog will be helpful and insightful, but mostly interesting as I report back about life in Trier. I hope to travel around during the breaks, and will be reporting back on those adventures as well. Universitaet Trier’s semester begins on October 26th, but there is an Orientation beginning on October 1st that I will be attending. That is when my first blog will appear. I’ll be reporting back within a week of my arrival, and hopefully once a week after that. If you have any aspect of life in Trier that you would like to know about, you are welcome to leave questions in the comments, and I will either respond directly to you or respond in my next post. If you do not want to set up an account, but still want to ask a question, you’re welcome to email me at
Happy reading! And I hope to see all of you as DAADers next year!


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