Posted by: jansen86 | September 9, 2009

First few days in Freiburg!!

Well I have finally arrived in Freiburg and it is amazing here. My first few days were a little stressful, mostly because of the jetlag and the fact that I had to go to orientation the next morning , but everything worked out just fine. The first day I arrived in Germany I flew into Frankfurt with other Indiana students who will be studying for a year in Freiburg. When we arrived in Frankfurt our first mission was to buy a train ticket to Freiburg, but the only problem was that it would have taken us an hour to wait in the huge line at the Deutsche Bahn. So instead I got to use my German skills to purchase a ticket at one of the DB ticket machines where the line was much shorter. After a 2 hour ride and stop in Mannheim we were finally in Freiburg. I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the city of Freiburg is and also by how many bikes I saw around the city. After arriving at the IES program office I was then taken to my WG where they would show me where I will be living for the next year. I was  overall pretty satisfied with my room and to my luck I have a total of 5 German roommates. After having been shown my room and WG I went with one of my German roommates to the Biergarten am Schlossberg where we drank a few Biers on top of a huge hill overlooking the city of Freiburg. It was such an amazing view of Freiburg and the Black Forest.

After  only spending a week in Freiburg, I know that it is the right city for me. I think my favorite thing about Freiburg is the Bächle that runs through the city. Basically it’s a system of gutters with water flowing through the city, which was used to carry water into the city during the middle ages. It’s said in Freiburg that if you fall into the Bächle you will marry a person from Freiburg and will never leave. I might have to consider falling in on purpose! lol. All in all I have had a great first week in Freiburg and I will continue to keep you updated on how things are going.

Grüße aus Freiburg,





  1. beautiful pics! ahh, they make me homesick for my year in freiburg….

  2. Same Sharon, Heimweh has definitely just come over me.

  3. Sharyn*

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