Posted by: Raphael Orlove | September 9, 2009

Raphael In Berlin

So in my first few weeks here, I’ve found that people have lots of different ways of coming to terms with Berlin. There are the tourists on their busses, making their connections through camera viewfinders or on guided tours. There are those who know Berlin only through their ballot box, making way for a politician to search out a piece of Berlin from the glass dome of the Reichstag. Some make their connections at two in the morning in a club somewhere, or by finding their own way in a city whose history is so dominated by defining others’ lives. And  I am an undergrad studying here in Berlin for eleven months and it is through cars that I make my connections with Berlin.

IMG_8825My brain, for some reason just beyond my comprehension, runs on automobiles. And in having such an encompassing, driving force in my mind means that I often perceive my world through automobiles, and not just with them. There is a way that cars so often carry with them vast peices of the cultures and times they were created in. Moreover, the way that people live with cars is something that I, at least, find acts like a giant magnet drawing in ideas of a distinct place and time. When I see a car, I see a story, a people, a memory. So follow me and get to know Berlin, cars, and the way that an American undergrad comes to terms with it all.


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