Posted by: antonijabegonia | September 10, 2009

first week’s impressions

Hallo von Deutschland!!

I have arrived in Munich 5 days ago. I initially had problems with my internet so therefore I couldn’t post. But during those five days I have done so many things that it feels like I have been here for 5 months. Yesterday I went on a Fahrradtour of Munich’s Altstadt. It was one of the most exciting and scary things that i have done in a while. It was exciting because I saw so many important historical and cultural sights. My favorite sight that we toured was the Englisher Garten.

This garden, according to my tourguide, is the biggest outdoor garden in the world. You can do basically anything you wish there- surf, swim, tan, run, rollerblade, etc… But the scary aspect of the tour was the actual bike ride itself. We weaved through small residential streets and big congested streets. A biker in Munich has to be skilled to both avoid cars and pedestrians. ( I am still working on avoiding the pedestrians!)

Also, my classes at the Lewis & Clark instiutue have began today. I am excited for these classes because both my German will improve (!) and we get to learn more about Munich as one of the historical and cultural centers of Germany.

More about the classes later,

Ciao, Antonija




m 004 Surfers at the Englisher Garten.


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