Posted by: Kennedy | September 16, 2009

Tiergarten, Biergarten…

Some D

Some DAADers in Berlin!

Last night, six of the Berlin DAAD-ers met up  at the Cafe am Neuen See in the Berliner Tiergarten to start getting to know each other. From left to right, me, Raphael, Grace, Amanda, Lydia, and Sal. (There were a few of the Berlin folks missing, but hopefully they can make it next time!) We were pretty lucky to actually meet up, because I skillfully planned for us to meet in a place to which the S-Bahn lines currently don’t run. On top of that, Lydia and I almost went to the wrong Biergarten in the Tierpark, but Grace rescued us through her Handy (the German expression for cell phone). In my personal woes, I’d also decided to go grocery shopping on my way there, to buy useful things like large quantities of apples and cans of soup, so that bag was pretty fun to carry around all afternoon! It was awesome to meet everyone and learn a bit about their programs, though- well worth the extra trip! Incidentally, Grace and Amanda come from Tulane, Raphael from NYU (you can see his blog for more details!), Sal from UC-Berkeley, and Lydia is on my program through Duke.


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