Posted by: Jason | September 17, 2009

Frankfurt and the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt

This past weekend I went to Frankfurt am Main and the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt (wine festival) in Bad-Dürkheim. Frankfurt is a very interesting city and not only because it’s the financial center of Germany. The Frankfurt train station is also the busiest in all of Germany with trains heading to many other cities and countries around Europe. One of the interesting things that I saw in Frankfurt is that the city is divided into a new and old section just like Philadelphia. Center City in Philly is split into a modern section with all the skyscrapers and numerous banks and then there’s Old City with all the historic buildings. Frankfurt is split in much the same way with the all the major banks in Germany having their own skyscrapers in one part of the city and then the historic part with old churches and buildings in another part. While we were in the city we knew we had to try some of the local specialties.

Frankfurt is known for Frankfurterwürste and Appelwein and it isn’t hard to tell that those words mean Frankfurt sausages and apple wine. The apple wine was definitely not as sweet as I thought it would be; I thought it’d be like apple juice, but was wrong. After spending a day in Frankfurt, I went to the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt with some relatives that live in Heidelberg. The interesting thing about Germany is that there’s always a festival going on somewhere. They have the Wurstmarkt, the Canstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart, a festival in Mannheim, Oktoberfest in Munich, and many other festivals. All the festivals include rides, food, and of course beer and wine.

The Wurstmarkt is a wine festival specifically because it is in the Palatinate wine growing region. People come to try the new red and wine wines of the season and I’ve heard that people come early to get a table and then spend the whole night listening to music and drinking wine. While I was there I tried both some red and white, can’t remember the specific names, but the white was much sweeter than the red. Both were pretty good though. I had a really good time with my relatives and got to go on some rides, which are pay-per-ride (2.50-4 Euros) so that can get pretty expensive, and hear some traditional German music. At the Wurstmarkt was the first time I saw a German wearing Lederhosen and I imagine many people wear them to the festivals.

Frankfurt am Main 029 Frankfurt am Main 053

Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt 001 Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt 025



  1. this post brings back some memories of helping during the wine harvest in the area. of course there was wine during the late breakfast at 11am…
    but be aware that the only time I wore Lederhosen (or any of my male friends) was when we were children. they are very durable and great for kids hard work.

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