Posted by: trierbound | October 3, 2009


So, the first days in Trier have been eventful, exciting, and exhausting! My daughter and I, along with my mother who so graciously agreed to help us get settled, arrived Wednesday evening. The hotel we stayed at (we arrived to late to get a dorm key that night) was halfway in between the city center and the school, which we thought would be perfect. Turns out, it’s about a twenty minute walk to the center of town, and about thirty minutes uphill to the university. Somehow we managed to drag our tired bodies to town, and the next day my daughter and I climbed the mountain to school, which is also where her school is. Unfortunately for us, no one seemed to know where her school was. Even shop owners less than 100 feet away! It was by pure happenstance that we found it.

She loved it, though. I stayed for about an hour, and then went off to register and do all those other things one must do upon arriving at a university. Basically -let them know you’re here. I came back after two and a half hours to get her, expecting her to be completely confused and distraught. She was neither. In fact, she didn’t want to leave. The rest of the day was spent moving into the dorm.

That night the students were treated to a welcome dinner at a restaurant close to the hotel from the first night. I met students from all over Europe and Asia, and was treated to exquisite food and the white wine the area is famous for. Considering how exhausted I was, I think the conversations went relatively well.

The next morning at 9am I had to take a test to place into a speaking group. The results will be posted on Monday. After a tour of the school, we were given a bit of a break which I used to go grocery shopping and to hang out with some newfound friends. Grocery shopping was important, however, because the next day (today) is Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit, a national holiday, which means that all the stores are closed. All of them.

Today was incredibly relaxing and laid back, something I definitely needed after the rush of the first two days. Most of my day was spent indoors (Trier is having a cold spell, and, being from Mississippi, I was absolutely freezing!!), but my daughter and I did take a walk this morning and found a nice little play area for her to burn off some of that energy. The sun, at 7:30, is finally beginning to set, though I know it will be a good while before it’s actually dark. I’ve turned on my little radiator for the first time, and am looking forward to the heat it will bring.

The tour of the city is tomorrow, and classes begin Monday, so hopefully between the two I’ll have more interesting stories to tell.

Bis dann,


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