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cRazY moves: in the air + on the dance floor

Cirque du Soleil

One of the JYMers had a birthday towards the end of April, and considering that she had worked with the Cirque du Soleil troop a few years back, she was very excited to learn that there would also be a performance here in Munich. So a few days after arriving here in Munich, she bought tickets (which we paid back of course!) for those who wanted to go….and it was the best 45 euro of my life. A lively and breathtaking combination between theater, circus, and dance, Cirque du Soleil is known all over the world for its costumes, stunts, characters, themes, and actors. I don’t have any personal pictures, since photography was not allowed during the show, but here are a two: the tent and one of the main characters (from the webpage). Readers, if you ever get the opportunity to see a Cirque show, it is well worth it!

<the main tent from inside

>the betrothed, one of the main characters



Bayerische Volkstanz in Tracht

Germany is known all over for Lederhosen and beer, and these two things are celebrated at their height throughout Bavaria. The third week in April about 20 or so JYMers took the train to Peißburg (a castle often chosen by King Ludwig for overnight stays on the way to and from Munich) to participate in a Volkstanzkurs. Here we learned a variety of fantastic traditional Bavarian dancing, including the Woaf and the Krebstanz. We danced our hearts out for about three hours or so, before capitulating and then stuffing our faces with Schweinehaxen and Knödel and the like. This week also marked the opening of Frühlingsfest, a fair that takes place every spring for about a month. From Ferris Wheels to carousel bars to 2 meter long bratwurst, folks from all over Munich and beyond come to enjoy the typcially good weather, tasty food, and Bavarian comradery. It´s like Oktoberfest on a smaller scale, with less crowds, and with more to do than just eating and drinking.

The Sommersemester 2010 group were the first to take part in a Volkstanzkurs, and all this we did so that we could effectively break it down Bayern still while in Tracht (aka with our Lederhosen and Dirndls) and wow the crowd at the Junior Year in Munich Bayern-Abend. A traditional Bavarian music group came in – a father, his son, and two daughters – who, all together, play accordian, guitar, clarinet, dulcimer, and can sing all ranges and dance wonderfully. This was one of the best nights I had because we finally got the chance to show off our Tracht and dance the night away. Traditional Bavarian wear (Tracht) as you can imagine, does NOT come cheap…a good pair of Lederhose exceeds well over 200 Euro,( not including the socks, shirt, hat with feather, shoes, and so forth) while most dirndls for the girls are 100 euro and up. Every cent was worth it:  check out the slideshow to see how darned good we looked!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[credits to fellow jymers for some of these photos]



  1. great pics!

    • Thanks! Some are mine, others I borrowed from friends of mine. The only downfall is that it takes sometimes forever to get them all up and set in the gallery

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