Posted by: bfarmer14 | May 8, 2010

Munich: One Photo At A Time

Slideshow of Common Sights

Munich is a beautiful city with lots of diversity in its people, architecture, and landscape.

> Marienplatz from above: this gorgeous view of the Neue Rathaus in Marienplatz did not come without some pain involved. We climbed the 299 steps of the St. Peters church, and it was worth it. With the walk way surrounded the exterior of the church, we had a 3D birds-eye-view.

>Buggies! These cute little candies were available in one of Munich’s renowed Konditionerei, and I just thought they were cleverly decorated.

>Hanging lights: This is an indoor shopping area during the winter and an open air ceiling during the summer. Vines and lights combine to make a mini version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

>Umbrellas: This past week in Munich has been very very rainy, and so once arriving inside of St. Lukas’ Lutheran Church last Sunday, everyone spread their umbrellas in the foyer. All the colors and sizes made for an interesting picture.

>St. Lukas’ Church: beautiful beautiful, inside and out. Notice the old time doors

>Dianatempel: Located in the Hofgarten near the Residence, this gazebo is a common meeting place and favorite spot for musicians.

>LMU: Students filing up the stairs getting ready for classes to begin.

>U-Bahn Stations: Munich’s current public transportation system, started in the early 1970s, is constantly expanding, and some of the newer subway stations are very well designed. Here, Westfriedhof (lights), Georg-Brauchle-Ring (colored tiles), and Candidplatz (rainbow).

>Amerikaner: In addition to tasty treats, these “Amerikaner” are also a common sight in backeries. Looks like a flat Krispy Kreme, but tastes much better and very different!

Enjoy my little slideshow highlighting the above-mentioned sights of Munich!

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  1. Brijhette,
    These photos are lovely. A long way from Nerinx, but you seem to be having a fabulous time. I will be in Dijon this summer studying French. I will try to follow your progress through Paula.

    Webster International Languages and Cultures Student, French Major, German minor

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