Posted by: bfarmer14 | July 8, 2010

Around Europe in 30 days…and a 21st Birthday!

In June I was infected with the travel bug, and it was a great feeling. Since I had busted my tail to get presentations and other small assignments done in the beginning rather than waiting until the last few weeks of the semester, I was able to fully enjoy each weekend in June by travelling. The first weekend I decided to go to Vienna to visit some friends I had met there last year and the following weekend a friend and I took the train to Budapest and stayed a few days.

Then it was time to celebrate! I turned 21 on June 25, and was able to have a very unique birthday gift. I’ve always wanted to celebrate my birthday in Germany – and behold! not only did I celebrate it in Germany, but in the beautiful beautiful Alps. The Resident Director of Junior Year in Munich is an avid hiker, and led along with a colleague of his a group of about 10 or so JYMers through one of the most beautiful (and steepest) hikes – the Schachen Tour. We left on Friday for Garmisch-Partenkirchen (the host town of the coming Winter Olympics), spent the day hiking up an incredibly steep mountain to reach a Berghütte – where I enjoyed a nice, cold birthday beer and an increadible lookout – and then hiked down the next day. It was indeed a difficult hike – and since my shoes had bitten the dust a few weeks before, I was forced to wear paper-thin fake 8 Euro chucks – but we couldn’t have asked for better weather, a better group, or a better experience.

I’m happy to be able to actually REMEMBER my 21st birthday too. It was a relief to celebrate it in Germany because it was not such a big let down if I said I’d rather do something different – drinking we can do anything, but hiking the Alps? Not so much.

Boy o boy was I hurting the next day. I could hardly move! And I consider myself to be rather athletic and had actually been working out the month leading up to the hike….!!!

June flew by, really. Before I could blink an eye July was already here. I had been promising a friend Jessica *pronounced the Swedish way> Yessica) from Webster that I would come and visit here in Sweden (she is Swedish!!) and visit I did. Since June had broke the bank and more, and for the short time I had a train was not feasible, I travelled again with Ryan Air – also known as Sky Mall Airlines.  I left Munich at 5pm and reached my friend’s house 70 km outside of Stockholm at… 2am! Good times, goooood times.

We had a blast! She lives in Uppsala, home to many a famous man – including actors, Celsius, and others. The first day she took me to this most amazing church right in the center of town, I got a decent pair of shoes, ate some excellent burgers, and then enjoyed watching Germany obliterate Argentina. It was a great day to be a Germany fan! The next day we woke up late and took the train to Stockholm. Stockholm is truly a beautiful city – so much water and liveliness! Here’s a few pictures from Stockholm (unfortunately the memory card from Uppsala was lost)

[coming soon]

Summer School, hä?

It’s rather difficult to go to school in the summer if you are not accustomed to it. I mean, who likes slaving over papers while looking longingly at the beautiful weather outdoors? NOBODY, making the summer, at least for me, extremely productive. You get busy to get it done, because when you’ve got it done you can enjoy the freedom.

July is already proving to be a great month, but the thought of returning home is looming over the horizon. I have enjoyed my time here the most because it has been an esacape from the same-old same-old of waking up, going to class, working, working, homework, a few meetings, homework, then sleep. Germany is for me the best breath of fresh air I have had in a while, and I’m reluctant to let it go.



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