Posted by: enigma8iris | November 7, 2010

The Very Beginning

October 12, 2010

When traveling to a foreign country, the journey does not begin when you arrive there, but a long time before that. It begins with hugs and tears when you say goodbye to you family at the airport. It begins with a mix of agitation, stress and excitement as you prepare for the trip and pack your things. But most of all, it begins with a decision – a decision stating “I am going.”

That decision might come slowly after a lot of thinking, or, like for me, it may hit you suddenly, and you will know that it is the right path for you.

You may want to learn the language, explore the foreign way of life, study and research a subject, make some friends, date some foreigners, visit museums and historic places and try different food. Or maybe it is all of the above.

A lot of people asked me not only why am I going, but “What [am I] going to do there?”

The answer is simple — I am here to live. To live, and explore every part of life in this country and in this part of this world. And most importantly, I am here to discover more about myself. To find myself.

Beginning of 3rd week in Munich, Germany.
Place (and photo): StudentenStadt
Time left: 9.5 months



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