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It’s one thing to read on daad.org that studying in Germany is a fun, exciting, mind-opening experience. But it’s another thing to hear it straight from the young DAAD scholars who are experiencing these things right now!

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. Our 14 international offices provide information as well as financial support to over 55,000 highly-qualified students and faculty per year for international research and study. One of the largest of those international offices is here at DAAD New York, where we help students, faculty and current DAAD fellows in the US and Canada.

DAAD NY OfficeThe New York office of DAAD was founded in 1971 to support academic exchange between the US, Canada and Germany. We are one of 14 international branch offices. DAAD New York has three major missions:

  • To act as a bridge between US, Canadian and German universities, higher education professionals and students by providing information and assistance.
  • To administer fellowships and other programs for students and scholars in the US and Canada.
  • To contribute to Germany’s public diplomacy by promoting Germany’s academic, scientific, and cultural achievements in the US and Canada.

For up-to-date information on DAAD programs, higher education in Germany, and relevant academic and cultural events, we offer a weekly electronic newsletter.



  1. im very excited to see that you guys you are doing ecceptionaly well.i am a black South African coming from disadvantage community.as things changed in our country,i have a feeling that i have to do something for my country and the world.i have 06months working for the South African Breweries under engineering department as Eng-clerk,i have apassion of doing extremely well, and to grow up with the business,and engineering as part of my career.i am a poor somebody who would like to be helped if possible.i have a dream to be in europe one day,gethering information for the world.please help me guys with what ever to reach the unreachable star. thanks Simon….

  2. Im in 8th grade and want to go to Germany during high school for the experience(if i like it i might decide to stay there after high school)im not sure after reading all the articals on”anti-americism”but still want to give it a try what should I do,how(and where) can I get into the program?

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