Marissa Perry

Home University:
Michigan State University
Studying At:
Holt, Michigan
Home City & State:
 Holt, Michigan
Major & Minor:
International Relations and German; Western European Studies and Jewish Studies
Special Interests/Hobbies:
Rowing, running, Fußball, traveling, photography, reading, and spending time with friends and family

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  1. Hi Marissa,
    das Sie Deutsch sprechen, muß ich mich nicht mit Englisch plagen. Ich erorsche u.a. den Todesmarsch der Fraune von Leipzig – Schönefeld.Ich würde mich über einen Kontakt freuen. Christine

  2. hi marissa im noel i have friend before the same name that you have and shes also living in michigan…will just see each other during our concert in phillipines orphans choir…i hope you are that friend of mine hehehehe….

    • i am really excited to see my friend from michigan…

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